What we do


The firm assists companies in major needs related to the development of their commercial activities, particularly in the pre-contract consultancy and drafting of contracts of more frequent use.

We are particularly active in debt collection procedures, which we devote particular attention and perseverance, first of all ascertaining the equity of the debtor through specialized agencies.

Verified the opportunity to start legal action, we activate enforcement or bankruptcy proceedings as quickly as possible for the best protection of the rights of the company.

The firm supports the company in any phase of the crisis, both in the event of a liquidation, verifying the assumptions, and considering the possibility and the conditions necessary to resort to a composition with creditors, managing from the preparatory phase until Court approving.

The firm also advises for some bankruptcy proceedings.


The Administrative Law, which has been practised for over two decades, is one of the main areas of the firm.

The firm assists companies, public bodies and local government departments.

Areas particularly cared with numerous legal proceedings before the administrative courts are especially contracts, building and public labour law.


The firm deals with consulting in the field of employment law, having gained experience on most of the issues relating to labor law including:

  • contracts of employment drafting;
  • privacy;
  • labor relations management;
  • dispute settlement.

Over nearly 20 years the firm follows their clients in legal disputes in the different degrees of jurisdiction, in relation to a wide spectrum of topics and issues, including:

  • flexible contracts (temporary contracts - outsourced work, etc.);
  • agency contract;
  • compensation and benefits;
  • working time;
  • discrimination and mobbing;
  • demotion and higher qualifications;
  • accidents and occupational diseases;
  • individual and collective dismissals;
  • termination of the employment relationship with directors and managers;


The firm has a considerable experience in cases of medical liability, with analytical knowledge of the jurisprudential developments, and also of civil liability for road accident and in general of all the issues related to damages.